the Future​

SPB challenges organizations and people to accelerate their evolution towards creating a future driven by purpose and lasting value.

Select to win​

Identify top talent by harnessing the power of organizational psychology.

  • Assessing contribution value​
  • Talent acquisition process​
  • Competency model​
  • Succession management process ​

Develop to shine​

Help your people achieve their potential for optimal performance.

  • Potential assessment and development plan ​
  • Professional branding and executive communication
  • Leadership coaching​
  • Career management
  • Performance management
  • Development and training programs
  • Codevelopment
  • Conference and experiential workshops

Create to build tomorrow​​

Shape your company’s future to achieve your business goals.

  • Strategic planning
  • Growth and performance strategy
  • Succession planning and business transition
  • Due diligence – Strategic HR alignment
  • Stakeholder or citizen consultations
  • Risk management

Maximize your teams’ and your company’s effectiveness and dynamics.

  • Board of directors assessments
  • Work climate and organizational health
  • Engagement and mobilization
  • Executive and management team building and development
  • Conflict resolution

Innovate to survive​

Unleash your collective creativity to rethink your company’s future.

  • Organization reinvention
  • Innovation - Process and support
  • HR transformation
  • Business model redefinition
  • Evolution of governance