Virtual Talent Training

Faced with unusual challenges, managers and employees must rethink how they deal with this new reality. In this context, everyone must adapt and evolve to ensure business continuity and manage their own stress. Organizations must maintain their teams’ engagement, retention and development.

Training can help organizations meet their engagement and performance objectives.

What sets us apart:

  • In-depth knowledge of human behaviour, behavioural changes and workplace learning
  • A mastery of teaching approaches and technology to ensure the success of virtual sessions
  • A response adapted to your organization’s reality and inspired by proven best practices

Two options are available to you

  • Workshop format: One to two hours to train teams on a specific theme
  • Development Path format: Includes a variety of activities spread over a few weeks

Since mid-March, we are all living in a new reality. We have developed workshops adapted to the COVID-19 context that we can customize according to your unique needs:

Evolving and adapting

Communicating with impact

Maintaining healthy performance

Inspiring and engaging

Giving meaning and aligning

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