Client Service Coordinator | Toronto

SPB is a leading provider of organizational psychology services, specializing in assessments of potential and executive management skills for selection and development purposes. We have been serving clients for 38 years in Toronto and Québec, with six offices (Toronto, Longueuil, Montreal (x2), Laval and Quebec City). We are experts in the art of assessing talent and distinguish ourselves due to our commitment to deliver the highest quality of service. Our mission is to support clients as they strive for excellence while leveraging our cutting-edge approach and the power of business psychology.

Our Toronto office is currently looking for a consummate professional who thinks fast, is highly detail-oriented and can play Tetris with people’s calendars like nobody’s business!

  • Position to be filled: 1
  • Type: Permanent position full time
  • Location: Toronto

Description of the Position

Our Client Service Coordinator plays the critical role of an “air traffic controller” with laser-sharp focus on numerous moving client needs. In this role, you will work closely with our clients to understand their needs and connect them with the consultant best positioned to serve them. Drawing on your excellent interpersonal and communication skills, project management and administrative capabilities, you will be responsible for scheduling client meetings, assessments, and feedbacks and orchestrating the in-office client experience. On a daily basis the Client Service Coordinator sets the stage for the client experience by providing friendly and professional support to our clients, either online or in-person, going through the assessment and development processes.

Main Responsibilities

  • Coordinate and attend to client service requests by understanding the full nature of the request and identifying the appropriate consultant to work with the client
  • Oversee the assignment of online assessments across all offices
  • Respond to inquiries regarding assessment process, timeline or basic account management issues
  • Convey required and relevant client service information to consultants and coordinators to ensure smooth service delivery
  • Orchestrate the online or in-person client experience where people feel well cared for, including: welcoming clients, navigating them through the various assessment processes, responding to their questions, supporting them through technical issues and making them feel at ease
  • Managing all administrative tasks such as scheduling, assessment preparation, file creation and archiving, and reporting

Competency Profile

  • True sense of team spirit; we serve each other, learn and grow together!
  • Warm, personalized and highly professional client approach
  • Good sense of balancing priorities: client’s, consultant’s and yours!
  • Social intelligence, able to work with people from all walks of life
  • Quick thinking and creative
  • Independently motivated without fear of asking for help!
  • Attention to detail, able to manage stress and work under pressure
  • Agile and able to deal with ambiguity
  • Ensures information flow and knowledge sharing
  • Versatile, reliable and curious to learn
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Fully proficient with Excel, Word and Outlook; ready to learn new applications

Why Join Our Team?

  • A passionate, authentic and dynamic team, as well as a friendly work environment where you can take initiative and let your creativity show
  • A rapidly expanding and renowned company with a large, firmly established clientele
  • Professional development opportunities to leverage your natural talents to make the company grow
  • Competitive compensation package with full range of benefits
  • Employee perks: monthly public transit pass reimbursement; team lunches, company off-sites and employee kitchen to treat yourself
  • Social events committee that celebrates various events, including the holidays, birthdays/anniversaries, happy hours, team activities, etc.

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