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Getting results

Achieving Maximum Performance and Engagement Through Inspirational Leadership


An organization is only as good as its people. But to keep people motivated, engaged and productive, you need to be an inspiring leader. The following module offers effective strategies adapted to each person’s unique skills and motivation level.

Session objectives

  • Understanding the 4 basic strategies used by motivational leaders
  • Becoming familiar with 6 different strategies that will enable you to adapt your management approach to each employee
  • Understanding job motivators and using simple ideas to reward and recognize good work


  • The benefits of managing performance
  • Game
  • Winning principles: Being a motivational leader
  • Exercises
  • How to inspire respect
  • The 3 components of performance management
  • The 6 categories and the 6 strategies of performance management
  • The Pygmalion effect
  • Motivating employees
  • The 10 classic job motivators
  • Motivation: The key to retaining talent
  • Inexpensive ways of motivating your employees
  • Summary: Model for getting results
  • Getting results in 6 easy steps
  • "Top 3" takeaways
  • Make things happen
  • Suggested reading
  • Real-life situation
  • Action plan
  • Job motivator questionnaire


The SPB difference

So what makes our sessions different?

They’re developed and presented by organizational psychologists – the experts on human behaviour in the workplace!

1. Methodology

  • Presentation of easy-to-apply best practices, tips and techniques
  • Real-life cases and examples
  • Games and simulations
  • Movies
  • Discussion and sharing of ideas
  • Practical advice
  • Suggested reading
  • Individual action plan

2. Benefits

  • Immediately applicable in the work environment
  • Dynamic and interactive
  • Concrete approach based on the acquisition of new behaviours
  • Rapid and measurable results

3. Our approach

  • Action learning
  • Short pre-session exercise to add relevance to the real-life situations and examples discussed
  • Immediate application of solutions learned to maximize knowledge transfers

  • Contact our experts.SPB Organizational Psychology is here to help you

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