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Creative Problem Solving

Making better decisions


This workshop presents problem-solving techniques that will help improve your efficiency, your judgment, your creativity and your ability to make decisions quickly and effectively.

Session objectives

  • Improve your individual and group problem-solving skills
  • Acquire tools that will help you make better decisions
  • Show more creativity


  • Exercise and activity
  • Best practices: Tips to develop your creativity
  • Creative techniques
  • Games and activities
  • The 6 styles of decision-making
  • The six-hat technique
  • Best practices: Using the 6 hats
  • Exercise
  • Problem-solving model
  • Winning principles for effective problem-solving: The three components
  • Analytical techniques
  • The 6 steps of problem-solving
  • Practical ideas
  • "Top 3" takeaways
  • Make things happen
  • Suggested reading
  • Real-life situation
  • Action plan


The SPB difference


So what makes our sessions different?

They’re developed and presented by organizational psychologists – the experts on human behaviour in the workplace!

1. Methodology

  • Presentation of easy-to-apply best practices, tips and techniques
  • Real-life cases and examples
  • Games and simulations
  • Movies
  • Discussion and sharing of ideas
  • Practical advice
  • Suggested reading
  • Individual action plan

2. Benefits

  • Immediately applicable in the work environment
  • Dynamic and interactive
  • Concrete approach based on the acquisition of new behaviours
  • Rapid and measurable results

3. Our approach

  • Action learning
  • Short pre-session exercise to add relevance to the real-life situations and examples discussed
  • Immediate application of solutions learned to maximize knowledge transfers

  • Contact our experts.SPB Organizational Psychology is here to help you

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