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Competency profiling


A critical component of achieving your business objectives is establishing clear guidelines for all your Human Resources (HR) activities. The challenge is integrating these guidelines with your organizational objectives.

The solution? SPB Organizational Psychology Inc.’s competency profiling process!

Competency profiles allow an organization to define the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes and aptitudes for a given position – the key to selecting exceptional candidates and high-performing employees.


The benefits of SPB’s competency profiling solutions:

 Recruitment and selection: attracting and choosing the best candidates
  • Clarifying hiring criteria and competencies to be assessed

  • Specifying organizational competencies that represent your values and culture

  • Defining the distinctive traits of star employees

  • Assessing the critical elements of the position so you can make an informed hiring decision

Integration and performance assessments: clarifying expectations and determining the most relevant criteria

  • Fostering a common understanding of expectations

  • Objectively, concretely and specifically defining expected behaviours

  • Optimally assessing performance

Training and career management: developing competencies and preparing succession

  • Identifying new behaviours and new competencies to be acquired

  • Making employees accountable for their competency development

  • Knowing which competencies must be mastered for a promotion 

Engagement: stimulating employee motivation

  • Motivating employees by recognizing their acquired competencies and providing access to a competency development program.

Our turnkey solution includes the following services:

  • Training on the development of competency profiles

  • Support during the development of competency profiles

  • Use of SPB’s competency inventory

  • Exercises and tools that identify key competencies

  • Facilitation of subject matter expert groups (managers and high-performing employees)

  • Matching desired profiles with typical profiles from a variety of sectors

  • Presentation and development of communication plans

  • Optimization of the use of competency profiles in all HR activities 


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