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Leadership Relay

The selection, alignment and coherence of leadership approaches and management principles are critical to organizations as they have a direct bearing on their performance. 


And while developing managers and improving communication are clearly levers in setting up management practices, training that ensures effective knowledge transfers takes time and money. 


Many of the psychologists at SPB Organizational Psychology Inc. specialize in professional development and knowledge transfers. Our pooled know-how and experience enables us to integrate various knowledge transfer approaches in group activities that fit your issues and reality as well as those of your managers of every echelon. 


One of these tools is the Leadership Relay, a training concept built around your specific challenges, where we address various themes in line with each of your participants’ talents.


So what can you gain from SPB’s Leadership Relay?

  • Your managers will acquire concrete practices and tools to engage their people, give meaning to their work, implement a change, delegate and give feedback
  • They will create a checklist to track their progress and make necessary adjustments
  • They will learn in action and receive ongoing feedback
  • Your path to effective leadership starts here!
Discover an innovative concept.


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