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Personality at the Heart of Leadership

How to Describe and Evaluate Leadership

November-25-14, published by Joanna Kraft

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Hogan Assessments recently released a documentary called “The Science of Personality", which seeks to define personality, to connect personality to leadership, and then discuss how we can use assessments to better predict behaviour, especially leader behaviour.

Who you are determines how you lead, and how you lead determines how groups and teams function, which determines how organizations function.” (Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, The Science of Personality). Understanding the personality characteristics typical of successful leaders helps us understand what makes great leaders so that we can better select or develop individuals, which will result in organizations that are more successful. 



Essentially, “personality drives leadership, [and] leadership drives organizational effectiveness” (Dr. Robert Hogan, The Science of Personality), which is at the foundation of what Hogan and SPB strive to accomplish in our work every day. This documentary is not only entertaining, but can help provide some insight into the work Industrial-Organizational psychologists do and how SPB (and Hogan) can help you and your organization achieve success through personality assessment!


Joanna Kraft is an organizational psychology consultant, who joined SPB Organizational Psychology in May, 2013. As a consultant at SPB, she is heavily involved in the assessment process and conducts managerial level full-day psychometric assessments for both selection and development purposes. She is also involved in the training and certification process for the Hogan Suite of Assessments. Ms. Kraft is a trained 360 feedback coach and has helped develop an online webinar designed to train other coaches.


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