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SPB launches version 2.0 of its online in-basket simulation

Offers an unparalleled level of realism and new remote assessment features.

October-11-11, published by Julie Grégoire, R&D Director

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Our R&D department has developed exclusive tools that harness the latest technological breakthroughs and best potential appraisal practices. 

Unparalleled realism

In August 2011, SPB’s R&D team upgraded its online in-basket simulation to give candidates under assessment an unparalleled level of realism.   Since this tool was first introduced in 2008, candidates say it correlates more closely to their management duties than traditional pen & paper in-basket simulations, a benefit which not only improves the experience of candidates but the validity of their results.  

Assessments enriched with the latest technologies

Version 2.0 of the in-basket simulation delivers many benefits, including a better experience for the candidate and a more favourable perception of the employer asking the candidate to undergo SPB’s assessment process.

It is also the perfect way to address the growing demand for remote assessments. Available in French and in English, two versions presenting different levels of difficulty are available following the management level.  Organizations seeking to make electronic in-basket simulations part of their selection process can also choose from other, multiple choice, in-basket tools available via our e-solutions.

According to assessment experts, simulations are a growing trend because of their ability to harness the power of technology and to better predict performance.  

SPB, a virtual simulation pioneer since 1998

SPB was among the first to introduce virtual simulations back in 1998, when it developed a simulation that faithfully reproduced the real life situations facing customer service call centre agents, an innovation that merited the title of “Technological Breakthrough of the Year” at an international conference.  


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