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    Alain Dumas, New Chairman of the Board of Directors of Herstreet Foundation

    We are pleased to announce the appointment of Alain Dumas as president of the board of directors of Herstreet.

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    White paper developed by Randstad, in collaboration with SPB

    On the heels of a roundtable conducted by Randstad, in partnership with SPB, see the challenges (and solutions) explored and strategies proposed to help HR teams bridge the gap between their initiatives and their organization’s objectives. 

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    How to develop an employee who resists development

    Have you ever had to manage employees who work only on projects they know they will do well on, who are easily discouraged in the face of obstacles and who react badly to failure or criticism? 

    As managers, coaches and human resources advisors, how can we foster a growth mindset? 

    Here are some tips that will allow your employee to grow. 

    Her are some tips that will allow your employees to grow.

    June-20-17, published by Myriam Plamondon

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    The Fundamental Shift from Professional to First-Level Manager

    Coaching experts' point of view

    Le passage d’un niveau de gestion à un autre comporte ses défis, mais qu’en est-il de la transition du rôle de professionnel à celui de gestionnaire de premier niveau? Certains considèrent que ce passage est le plus difficile parmi toutes les promotions en gestion. Nous avons demandé l’opinion de trois coachs de SPB. 

    May-30-17, published by Kim Baron, Amanda Matejicek, Eve-Marie Poulin

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    2017 Summit - I/O Psych Professionals GTA Network | May 12, 2017

    Cheddi Suddith, Regional Leader & Senior Organizational Psychology Consultant, will participate to the 2017 Network Summit, in Toronto, May 12. Don't miss this event!

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    How to Manage Stress Through Meditation

    Spring is a great time to stop and think about our habits. But, we can be busy with a million and one things to do, not to mention the thoughts and feelings that prevent us from truly stopping to take a step back and breathe. We can keep up the illusion that we are in complete control of our lives until we feel overwhelmed, dispirited, disillusioned, demotivated or sick.

    March-27-17, published by Stella Paillé