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    Making room for innovation! Seven condition for success

    In the VUCA environment, where more competitive local markets and economic growth in emerging markets are forcing organizations to adapt to survive, many players are failing to meet this major challenge. While there is no denying that innovation is essential, nothing guarantees the success of your initiatives. 

    So what can be done to spare your organization the tragic fate of companies such as Kodak or Nokia? 

    August-17-16, published by Laura Bonnelly, Isabelle Tremblay

    tags : HR, Innovation

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    The Emerging Skills of Tomorrow’s Leaders

    Connectivity is now everywhere. Many workers spend more time glued to their screens than sleeping or even interacting in person. People are overwhelmed with information from the very start of their day. Digitization and automation are gaining ground. A growing number of employees are starting to rub shoulders with robots at work and artificial intelligence is becoming a factor in decision making. Everyone’s role is getting more ambiguous just as opportunities and potential are proliferating.  

    August-16-16, published by Julie Grégoire

    tags : Leadership, Self-Awareness

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    Tips from a coach to help you manage stress better

    Mrs Richard has been helping leaders deal with various issues for the past 20 years. More recently, she has seen a staggering increase in the number of people who seek coaching to help them cope with stress. 

    June-06-16, published by Carolyne Richard

    tags : coaching

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    Developing your agility: A matter of survival in a shifting environment

    Mrs Simard has extensive expertise in evaluating potential in selection and development contexts for staff positions, professionals and first and second level managers in both public and private companies. In the article, she will give you an answer to the question: How can I develop my agility in meeting the new requirements being placed upon me?

    June-06-16, published by Marjorie Simard

    tags : Coaching, Development, Leader

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    November 16th-17th HR Leaders Summit 2016, Toronto

    SPB's Breakfast Workshop on Day 2, November 17th from 8 to 9:15 am

    Cheddi Suddith, senior consultant in organizational psychology at SPB, will give a conference entitled “Developing Talent Champions”. Join us at the HR Leaders Summit this November 16th and 17th at the International Centre in Toronto. 

    tags : development, leader, leadership, performance, potential, talent

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    A Powerful Group Coaching Experience

    In my practice, I see that group coaching is a very effective way to develop teams of managers. I would like to share a particularly interesting case with you. 

    May-18-16, published by Stella Paillé

    tags : Coaching, Development, Leadership