High-calibre coaching for today’s and tomorrow’s leaders

Looking to accelerate someone’s onboarding to a new position, support their development or improve their ability to adapt to a changing world?

SPB’s coaches support managers, individually or as a group, so they can tackle current and future challenges.

Together, our experts offer a set of unique characteristics: a thorough understanding of the business world and in-depth training on human behaviour and group dynamics.

To respond to the surge in demand for professional coaching, we have added five new members to our team of coaches, who are already among the most versatile and experienced in Quebec.

Why choose SPB coaching?

Coaching with SPB means actualizing an individual’s or a team’s full potential and making a significant contribution to the organization’s success.

Our distinctive approach places identity transitions, relationships and self-management at the heart of performance.

In addition to developing talent, SPB is one of the only firms to offer onboarding coaching. We have completed over 1,000 coaching assignments with a success rate of 98.2%.

Our Adaptive Performance coaching is specifically designed to enable managers to:

  • Adapt to a complex, demanding environment;
  • Open up new horizons;
  • Enhance their resilience in a volatile world;
  • Have a positive impact on the people around them.

Our coaches train leaders and teams to reach peaks of healthy performance. What are you waiting for?

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