Connecting for better onboarding

The labour shortage and low retention rate require that specialists re-evaluate traditional intake practices, moving them closer to assimilation than onboarding. New onboarding practices are being proposed. These practices offer… Read more »

Announcement – SPB has a new look!

Operating in an ever-changing environment, SPB has always challenged its own approaches. This is why we are announcing an updated image, two new offices in Montreal, a renovated working space… Read more »

SPB Acquires Camiré & Associates

Together, we can build a solid, distinctive offer in coaching and leadership development When it comes to mergers and acquisitions, marriages of convenience are commonplace, marriages of the heart somewhat… Read more »

The Talent Mindset

How to Get Senior Leaders to Play Their Part in Developing People Consider the story of three 13-year-old hockey players from small-town Canada who dreamed of playing in the big… Read more »
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