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    SPB in 12 key numbers

    SPB in 12 key numbers: 3,000 assessments a year (all levels, all positions), 1,776 individual assessments based on our SPB Competency Model© and more.

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    Why Self-Awareness Matters

    Without self-awareness, there can be no effective development of leadership

    A recurring theme in successful development of leadership is the ability to accurately read your own personality and act consistently based on this knowledge. Experts consider this a decisive factor for detecting a person’s potential to grow. However, based on its current use in assessment, the competency of self-awareness has yet to appear on the radar of competencies sought in leaders.

    January-28-15, published by Julie Grégoire

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    Competencies in Demand

    Are your expectations of leaders typicla? Do you know whether your expectations of candidates are typical of what other organizations are seeking?

    To help you position your organization in the market, we have conducted an analysis of the key skills needed by our clients. Discover which ones!

    January-26-15, published by Simon-Pierre Harvey, M. Ps., Ph. D.

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    "Return on Human Capital" focus for SPB at HRPA 2015 Conference & Trade Show

    Toronto, Ontario, January 20, 2015 – “Return on Human Capital” is what SPB partner Michel Therrien (Partner, Organizational Psychology Consultant) says is the foundation of the organizational psychology consultant company’s new HR development program which will be one of the hot topics at its booth at the HRPA 2015 show.

    January-19-15, published by Kim Baron et Michel Therrien

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    When workshops don't work

    Four lessons learned about talent development effectiveness

    Do workshops or facilitator-based sessions still constitute a value-added method for developing talents, leadership and teams within organizations? Drawing on observations from my practice as a consultant and facilitator, I propose to illustrate four fairly common organizational obstacles I have witnessed which significantly undermined the effectiveness of this and potentially other people-development methods.

    January-19-15, published by Cheddi Suddith

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    E-LEARNING : New options for faster talent development

    How is the landscape changing today in the field of training, and especially in e-learning? How can we respond even more effectively to the demand for immediate performance and continuous change? What factors must talent managers consider in 2015 with regard to online training?

    Jean-Philippe Bradette, Senior Partner and Vice-President, Training Strategies, Ellicom, gives us answers in this article.

    January-19-15, published by Jean-Baptiste Audrerie

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