What are your challenges?

If you do not have a reliable source of quality talent, you will find it hard to grow, innovate and perhaps even maintain your operations.

Yet this is precisely the situation that may arise by the year 2020 if we consider the current status of the talent market..

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The work environment is undergoing sweeping changes: by 2020, five generations will make up work teams within organizations, consisting of hyper-specialized workers with increasing mastery of technology and a desire to advance quickly, gain recognition and give meaning to their work.

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By 2020, teams within organizations will have all new members. In Quebec, a whole succession of new presidents is being appointed, executive and management teams are welcoming new members, and many employees are being promoted to managerial positions.

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Commitment to work will continue to be a key factor in coming years for your company’s success. The latest research repeats the same finding: whether in times of economic growth or recession, the companies with the most committed employees post the best performance!

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By adopting the best practices in sustainable human performance, your organization could achieve important goals such as...

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